Performance of the lighting simulation which can be obtained at noon in low cloud. Of course, the density of the vegetation in the AQR      override part of lighting but the heat will be accumulated and transported to where you need it.

The illustration below shows the arrangement of windows and doors, which places a strong emphasis on natural lighting and ventilation. Heat circulation and management are discussed in a separate chapter.

Illustration of windows and doors in relation to wall partitions.

We have a number of possible solutions to the construction of the shell of the dome.

  • The monolithic shell, made by using a technique balloon and inside spraying.

  • Prefabricated shell, delivered to the site in parts.

  • Traditional construction with bricks.

  • Shell made of straw and clay technique. In this case, the partitions are bearing walls and are built first.


open source home for everyone, everywhere.

The OSD idea is to design an open source family house that:

  • will be an optimally safe and healthy place to live in

  • will be easy to build (in 30 days) and require low  maintenance

  • will use heat and gas circulation as well as secondary use of energy and water

  • can include in its design an aquaponic garden that not only allows the family to grow their own food, but also balances the dome’s temperature, cleans the air and water

  • will be high quality (have a life cycle of no less than 100 years) but will also be inexpensive (cost at 25% of a standard house costs)

  • can be easily and at low cost modified to suit a larger family or incorporate a shop, gallery or office space

  • will work in harmony and symbiosis with the surrounding community and environment.

It is a two - storey house designed on the basis of half circles with a radius of 7 meters.

The house consists of the residential part and the aquaponic garden (green house). The central part of the house contains the heating system based on the principles of Rocket Stove.

In addition, we designed it in the way, that very easily (with low cost), you could modify a large family home for two spacious apartment or, if you wish, condo and shop, gallery or office

In  picture below we can see the relationship between the different floors,

heating system as  rocket stove (RS) and aquaponic room (AQR).

Please pay attention to the system of windows and doors separating the living from the AQR.

It is a solution that allows you to adjust the heat it generates AQR and acquire a large amount of sunlight.

In addition, parts of the ceiling are provided for energy management solutions between AQR and rocket stove (RS).

On the floor of the house can be further noted hearth (fireplace), which uses RS chimney system on the ground floor. Interesting fact is that in principle, on the first floor are two fireplaces, separated by a wall.

It allows you to heat irrespectively the bedroom and the second part (can be a living room with a kitchen or a second bedroom.)

Deployment of partition walls, along with the location of the door to the premises.

We believe that these solutions will help get more than 80% energy saving (heat and electricity).

* Open Source Dome project can be freely accessed, used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone for noncommercial purposes.

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